Super Chunky Wool - Bean Sprout

Super Chunky Wool - Bean Sprout

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This 100% NZ Corridale wool is grown and processed in the South Island.  It is perfect for XL knitting, arm knitting and chunky knit projects.

The wool is available in the following quantities, ready for you to make your own chunky knit throw (the dimensions are approximate only as these will depend on your knitting tension):

Mini Throw 1.5kg - 70cm x 160cm
Small Throw 2kg - 100cm x 160cm
Large Throw 3kg - 130cm x 170cm
XLarge Throw 4kg - 150cm x 180cm

If you would like to order a different quantity to those listed, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Felting needles come in very handy for joining the wool ends for chunky knit projects.  Simply overlap the joining ends of wool and work the felting needles through both layers multiple times to join the wool fibres.  You can purchase this here.

PLEASE NOTE: as this product is supplied to order there will be up to a 10 day wait time before it is dispatched.  Chunky Wool is not able to be returned once the wool has been used.